Things Worth Spending Your Money On

I like to update this list randomly with products I think are worth investing in (if you need something along these lines)

  • Bluetooth headphones that are perfect for the gym.  They work just as well as the $150 version I had before.
  • Quality toilet paper – life is too short to risk poop fingers
  • Are you a health nut but tired of paying $12 for a loaf of bread at Whole Foods?  My wife is, which is why for your earth child foods she recommends you shop at…
    • Thrive Market
  • Mira Water Bottle – even if not a Mira water bottle just get one; it’s much better for the environment for you to get one you can consistently reuse rather than going through hundreds of plastic bottles.  The Mira water bottle is amazing because it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for at least 12.  Yes, it actually works.  Other water bottles can do similar things, but they are a fraction of the cost.
    • Also, having a water bottle around will keep you from wasting money on expensive beverages.
  • Fresh socks – cheap, but a game changer
  • Mophie phone external battery
  • Charging hub
  • Custom dress shirts imported from China (order through eBay at a FRACTION of the cost of having them done in the US)