GOLF, a terrible idea – but if you must, ideas on how to save money playing

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January 7, 2018

GOLF, a terrible idea – but if you must, ideas on how to save money playing

Save money playing golf

I think golf is boring.  I grew up playing golf, yet still find it to be remarkably unsatisfying.  For me it is super expensive and not physically demanding enough to consider it a workout, yet not relaxing enough to actually take the edge off.  While I can enjoy it with the right group of friends, there are many other activities I would enjoy more

Regardless of my opinion, I know a ton of you probably love playing golf and are not about to stop any time soon.  If this is you, consider the tips below to save money and enhance your golf experience.

-Play twilight hours.  Often after 3 pm the rates are about half of what the normal day rate is. 

-Get a student membership.  A student membership can be 1/10 the cost of a regular membership.  If you really want to play a lot, it could be worth enrolling in 1 college course just to get a student ID.

-Buy used clubs.  Most people buy a fancy set of clubs, use them twice, and then let them collect dust in the garage for a couple years.  The best part about this is that there are tons of ways you can find these barely used clubs at a fraction of their original price.

-Take your golf lessons from YouTube.  You can find some of the best instructors on earth sharing their tips online.  You can even find instructors that will watch a video of you golfing and offer personalized advice for a fraction of what a course pro will cost.

-Go to the driving range or putt putt.  I know it’s not the same, but often times you can scratch the itch without having to do a full 18 holes.

-Walk instead of renting the cart.  I know that the cart is way more fun, but by walking you can save money and get a much better workout.

-Buy used balls – there are a ton of places where refurbished balls can be purchased.  While the performance of new high end balls really is better, you’ve got to be pretty stinking good to be able to notice.

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