5 random things you probably didn’t know about being a flight attendant

Why you should get a job as a flight attendant
December 30, 2017
Secrets to getting hired as a flight attendant
December 30, 2017

5 random things you probably didn’t know about being a flight attendant

Curious to know some random things about being a flight attendant?  There is a little bit more to it than you expect.

Thinking seriously about becoming a flight attendant?  If yes, be sure to read the BEST and WORST things about being a flight attendant, and TIPS to getting hired if you are interested.

  1. Flight attendants really do catch people trying to join the “mile high club”
    • Yes, it does happen, and yes, it is gross.  Sometimes when people in flight get really drunk they think they are a whole lot more sneaky than they really are.
  2. Flight attendants often know less about assigned seats than you do
    • Want to sneak into the exit row? Go for it; you are likely to get away with it so long as no one else is assigned there.  My secret is being the last one to get on the plane and then choosing whichever open seat I wanted (probably won’t work getting you into first class though, but if you pulled it off I would love to hear about it).
  3. Flight attendants hide during delays
    • As a flight attendant I hated delays and being around angry passengers.  As soon as a flight was delayed I did my best to run away to find a place to hide.  Even if there wasn’t a dedicated crew room we would find somewhere else to hang out and avoid the menacing glares of angry passengers.
  4. Flight attendants are trained in hand to hand combat
    • Airlines take it seriously when they say that the flight attendants are there for your protection.
  5. Flight attendants get random drug tests
    • Are you a stoner that wants to be a flight attendant, sorry!  Random drug tests ensure that flight attendants don’t party too hard.


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